James Cameron Announces Four Avatar Sequels, Internet Throat Punches The Idea

Remember that one great moment in Avatar or that really cool line that one guy said? No one does either. Regardless, James Cameron announced today that he is making not one, not two, not three…but FOUR sequels to his CG fest which came out in 2009. Aside from the fact that Avatar went on to make over $2 billion dollars worldwide, the internet could not have given any less of a concern about Avatar shortly after the announcement, let alone being given four sequels to a movie more forgettable than your Aunt Pam’s sixty-third birthday.

Regardless, the immediate negative reaction to the upcoming Avatar sequels has been the most entertaining thing to happen today. Here are just a few reactions to get ya started.


Sorry, James. You might be better off just making The Abyss 2: Abyss Harder. That wouldn’t be as bad.