Internet Reactions To Martin Shkreli’s Smarmy Congressional Hearing

Disgraced former drug company CEO Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli was finally brought before a Congressional hearing to discuss his gouging of AIDS medication prices. The smarmy bastard smirked his way through the proceedings, refusing to answer questions. Some of the best reactions plastered around the web were of his face:

Hopefully nobody raised the price on medication for his giant balls.

Watch the clip and try not to punch the wall:

If you thought it was all an act and Pharma Bro was doing it for the Twitter followers …you might be right. Shortly after leaving the hearing at the Capitol, the unrepentant embodiment of smug had this to say about his inquisitors:

For me it is hard to accept he is a real person and not a movie villain. Yet some folks are actually on his side and tweeted their support at Shkreli.


You might hate Congress and politicians, but everyone from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders and everyone in-between have condemned this guy. So in a weird way Shkreli should be praised for doing the impossible and uniting the political parties in their scorn of him. Which is easy to do, just look at that puss:

To give you an idea: both Democratic Rep. Cummings and Republican Rep. Gowdy (The guy in charge of the #Bengazi hearings) took turns trying to grill the tight lipped leech. The internet was not so nice in their condemnations with these reactions:

Oh and this happened:

Do you agree with the members of Congress or are you on Martin Shkreli’s side?

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