How Many Dots You Can See On This Grid Could Determine If You Are A Psycho!

Here we have another fun illusion that, much like the Blue-Gold dress before it, is completely melting down the Internet. After being shared by Reddit user djeclipz, it has been viewed over 1.4 million times. It is simply a grid with twelve black dots.  Can you see all twelve black dots at once?

Unfortunately many people viewing the image have reported that they cannot see all twelve of the dots on the grid at the same time. The grid was originally designed as a quick test in mental health facilities to determine if a patient had any psychopathic tendencies. In other words the percentage of people currently viewing this old mental health test may be discovering that they are secret psychopaths. Try again!

Is this true? Of course it’s not true. How would that even be a thing? Black dots on a grid determine if you are a psychopath? Nope. That’s psychotic. However, let’s have some fun with this!  Here is what you do to piss everyone off. Share this article and proclaim that “If you cannot see ALL 12 black dots on the grid at the same time the American Mental Health Institute has determined that you may be a psychopath. See how you do!”

That will get them going. In reality this is what is called a “Scintillating Grid” which is constructed by “superimposing white discs on the intersections of orthogonal gray bars on a black background. When a person keeps his or her eyes directly on a single intersection, the dark dot does not appear. The dark dots disappear if one is too close to or too far from the image.”

So in other words NOBODY can see all twelve dots at the same time. Although it has still been freaking people out all the same; they seem to be trying hard to see all of the dots, impossibility.  

So let’s have some fun and get everyone to waste time today trying to see all 12 dots!

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