Literally Anyone Can Call NASA’s Space Station And Talk To An Astronaut

Have you ever been sitting around, lonely on a weekend night and thought “Boy, I’d really love to just phone up an astronaut in outer space and just chit chat for a bit”? Well apparently you can and you don’t need a phone to do it. More specifically, you need a HAM Radio in order to get in touch with someone inside the International Space Station. That’s step number 1.

Your weird uncle probably had one of these.

Apparently the Space Station has a communication device set up for the sole purpose of speaking with students and anyone else looking to learn from the astronauts during their time in space. Adrian Lane of England thought he’d give it a shot and was successful when an astronaut aboard responded with “Receiving you — welcome aboard the International Space Station.”

Yes, great, we know what to use to contact the astronauts but HOW?! Is it just a phone number written on a gas station bathroom wall or what? The ISS has a web page with all of the information you need to contact them including the times they’re open to talk to anyone willing to listen. Head HERE to find all of the details because frankly there’s too many for me to just repeat. I’m not going to do ALL of the work for you.

The question is what are you going to talk to them about? I want to ask them if they’d ever seen Space Camp. That movie’s second half where they go to space was terrifying.