This Awful Boss Was Finally Told Off By An Intern With A Cleverly Hidden Note

If you’ve ever been an intern, you know just how f*cking awful the job can be. I’m using the term job lightly because that usually means you’re getting paid for the work you do. Sometimes an internship can come with money, but there’s often not enough money in the world to put up with a sh*tty boss. And that goes for anyone holding down a job under the thumb of an asshole. Luckily, internships only last so long and one intern was ready to get the hell out but not without leaving a few words behind for their boss to read. The best part was the intern hid their loving message on the back of a post-it notepad so their boss would find it long after they had disappeared.

This boss however not only found the note, but also posted it to Reddit. And it is truly a gem.

Good. For. You. Kid.

Of course people are already assuming the note was made up because, sure, there’s no real way to do some hard investigating to find out if it’s real or not, but then again, why shouldn’t it be real? This is something everyone has wanted to say (and do) to their boss’ ego (and coffee) since the dawn of jobs, so why is it impossible that someone could’ve possibly wrote the note.

Of course, if it is fake, then maybe it’s a nice reminder for sh*tty bosses to realize who is actually in charge.