Insurance Company Pays Man $21K In Buckets of Coins

Los Angeles resident Andres Carrasco recently won a lawsuit filed against Adriana’s Insurance for a settlement of $21 thousand dollars. This sort of thing happens all the time, no big deal- after all it’s an insurance company, those guys are used to getting sued. However instead of mailing a check or using a wire transfer, eight employees from Adriana’s Insurance showed up at Carrasco’s lawyer’s office with a van full of five gallon buckets filled with coins to deliver the payment. Apparently filling the hollowed out heads of the man’s relatives with quarters and throwing them through his bedroom window in the middle of the night was taken off the table as an option for payment delivery. Still, the message was received. I think.. maybe they just want him to go to the casino and play the slots?

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Carrasco is 73 and recently had a hernia operation, thus is unable to lift the 16-18 paint buckets filled with quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. That’s insane. Pennies! Who uses pennies anymore?  His lawyer says it will take weeks for the bank to properly count the money. Originally thinking it was a joke they attempted to contact the company who refused to issue a check. Carrasco feels he has been disrespected by the incident. However if you think about it, they went to a lot of extra work just to mess with him; if they didn’t care at all, they just would have sent a check. Someone had to round up all that coinage!

While some people might feel that this is immature behavior for a professional business, it should be noted that the whole lawsuit started when an employee at the company physically attacked Carrasco in 2012 while he was trying to purchase insurance there. I guess he should have had personal injury insurance before he went into that ghetto insurance office?

Ghetto Insurance Office In Question

This actually might be the most honest insurance company in the world. When they beat you and spite you, they really beat you and spite you! This sort of thing has been done before by people protesting paying parking tickets, getting fined and paying child support. I think this is the first time that an actual business has paid a client this way.  So I guess they can help their awesome Yelp review score by bragging that they are “First” in spiteful coin payments.

Paying For A Parking Ticket With Change

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Paying For A Steak With Pennies

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