“Instagram Model” Uses Instagram To Tell Her Baby Daddy She’s Pregnant

Do you have what it takes to be an Instagram model? By which I mean do you have a smartphone and an Instagram account?

Instagram model “mimi BAD but khloé BADDER” (this is the exact spelling and capitalization of her full name as per her page; whether her actual name is mimi or khloé or Mimi or Khloé or something more probable like Takisha or Emily is unknown at press time) is pregnant with Chicago Bears tight end* Dion Sims’ daughter.

The model, seen here working with renowned fashion photographer mimi BAD

Dion learned about his impending parenthood the same way that mimi BAD’s legion of followers did: she made an Instagram post about it. (By the way, in addition to her real job as an Instagram model, girl’s got a little side hustle as a nurse going on, so we can assume she sneaked into the sonogram room to make sure she has a bun in the oven before airing out Dion.)

As you can imagine, different blog sites are covering the story. And if you can’t imagine, you don’t have to, since you’re reading one. How does mimi BAD feel about being on different blog sites? She could carless. Typo? Perhaps, but not from me. Girl could carless:

mimi BAD’s Instagram account, which has 66 posts and 50,700 followers, some of which might not even be bots, can be found here.

Dion Sims’ Instagram account is currently deactivated.

*no homo