The Trailer To ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ Will Have You Sleeping With The Light On

I love horror movies, but being a horror fan who would rather sacrifice gore for a good story, there’s not a whole lot Hollywood (or independent films) have to offer. They’re either too tongue and cheek, cheap or just horribly produced cutting corners in one way or another. But the Insidious franchise seems to be taking a different approach these days with solid actors, solid directing and good constant scares. What a concept, I know!

Lucky for you, the trailer to the third installment came out today, but you won’t find the familiar faces of Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. Instead, the director (Insidious co-writer Leigh Whannell turned third installment director) is going the more Paranormal Activity route with creating a prequel to the previous movies. I’m in.

Check out the trailer below for a few good scares.

It’s cool to see Lin Shaye, the medium from the first two returning for more. I won’t spoil any details in case you haven’t seen the other films, but overall I’m hoping we get something out of this film that can match the bar of the other two. Both previous films had great demonic villains, so I’m interested to see what we get this time around.

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source: youtube