Donald Trump’s $100 Million Dollar Penthouse Is Exactly How You Would Picture It

trump and wife

The fact that Donald Trump and his immigrant housekeeper….woops wife – sorry, Melania – live in a three story, $100 million dollar New York Penthouse isn’t particularly surprising. Anyone who had the over/under on them living in a two bedroom walk up in Queens clearly took a sucker bet. What’s interesting about this eight figure homage to self-indulgence is the detail. The sordid, juicy,over-the-top excess that could only have sprung from the pocketbook of The Donald himself.

house 1

It’s valued at $100 million, but as has been well documented, his royal Hairness has been known to exaggerate his wealth. This begs another question – would you want a leader who pays retail or one who gets good deals? But we digress….let’s focus on the gold and diamond front door. Or how about “floors, walls and columns covered in marble while crown molding, glasses, platters, vases and lamps are gold.” Yay team!

But what of poor young Barron Trump, the nine year old progeny of the saintly couple? Does he toil away in the dungeon, only to get a bowl of gruel on Christmas morning? Nope. As per the article below, “placed right on the marble floor is a red Mercedes toy car along with a personalized license plate for the youngest Trump.” Not bad. We wonder at what age he too will get his own toupee made out of orangutan fur.

house 2

Ok, perhaps we are jealous. This is after all a man who has it all, except humility. And by all we of course mean lots of crap in his house. The strange thing is when we visited his house for Halloween, the dude was giving out Tootsie Roll minis. One per person. Seriously – he couldn’t have at least sprung for full size Tootsies?

house 3

It’s been said that if he were to become President that living in the White House would actually be a step down for him. This is clearly not true, as lots of people are rich but only one gets to call the White House home. And if somehow it’s Trump, he’d better start giving out better candy for Halloween.

obama wtf

Source: Daily Mail