Scientists Create Insect Sized Robots That Can Fly & Swim In Swarms

For Today in Robot Apocalypse we go to Harvard where smarty pants scientists think they have it all figured out. A team of engineers working at the University’s John A Paulson School of Engineering And Applied Science have created tiny robot the size of a bug that can fly and swim. There will be no escaping them.


Floats like a butterfly, stings like a soulless automaton removing your eyeballs from your head.

Called the RoboBee, in what I assume is an effort to make it seem cute instead of terrifying, the future master of Earth was influenced by adorable seabirds, puffins. One of the design challenges engineers faced with creating a robot that could conquer both land and sea was how to generate lift for flight but also reduce drag in the water. Turns out puffins are a natural hybrid using their wings to both fly and paddle in the water.

I always knew puffins would bring about the end times.

The robot is the first microbot to be smaller than a paperclip and have the ability to transition from air to water. In the air the tiny droid can hover like a hummingbird, flapping its mechanical wings 120 times per second.

The Harvard team is hoping this research leads to dual aquatic and air vehicles. However would you want a swarm of insect sized robots flying out of the water at you when you go fishing? “Guess we are going to have to spray for that robot swarm a coming. Yup.”

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Source: Zee News