World’s Most Uptight Guy Dumps His Girl Via Text

Let this be a lesson to all women. We men are not your playthings to be used and ignored at your discretion. Nor are our cats your targets for rude behavior and possible swearing at. It seems that one young woman may have just lost the potential love of her life by refusing to acknowledge his existence in public, refusing to share intimate sexual details, and throwing serious shade to his cat.




The following break-up text was recently made famous when the sender listed the transgressions that finally pushed him over the edge. Although, he could have saved himself a lot of embarrassment simply by texting, “What part of MUST LOVE CATS did you not understand, Bobo?!”


[[contentId: 2788416| alt: ]]


You go, boy. May he find the cat-loving, sexually-inexperienced, church lady of his dreams.