Insane Sony Wifi Enabled Smart Wig?!


This sounds like one of those satire articles that accidently got picked up by the real news, but CNN is reporting that Sony has filed a patent for something called a SmartWig. This year has seen the introduction of Smart Watches and “wearable technology” is gearing up to be a huge item in the tech industry. So it makes sense that Sony would want to get in on the action. The wig is WiFi enabled and will use sensors to possibly monitor blood pressure and brain waves. This could lead to users interfacing with more realistic virtual reality for gamming as well as help the blind navigate their surroundings. OK, so it actually sounds like it could be pretty cool, right? Maybe a SmartWig will actually make people smarter like the pill in that movie Limitless? (Or more likely they will just use it to text and tweet without their hands.) Unfortunately the futuristic hair piece won’t be available for some time and is still in the development stages. Would you wear a Sony SmartWig? Also what happens when Kristin Wigg wears a SmartWig? (Sorry, I hope they hurry up with that SmartWig.)


This  reminds me of Cartman’s “Shitter” device from South Park enabling him to directly Tweet his thoughts!

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