Insane Movies So Bad They’re Good!

Here’s a tip for you guys looking for some kick ass flicks to watch with a date this summer: watch bad movies! You’ll discover that watching bad movies is a lot like dating fat chicks: at first it sounds like a terrible idea, but when you get them back to your place you know they’ll put out. Same thing with bad movies: they “put out” when it comes to entertainment value. Bad acting, awful writing, terrible lighting and an inept director can actually make for a fun movie viewing experience if combined to make films so bad they are good.  So crack open a disgusting Natty Ice, sit back with Big Betty and watch these terribly awesome movies you just have to see to believe!


Fateful Findings

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Neil Breen is a terrible director. He is also a terrible writer, editor and actor as he fills all of these key roles in making what many consider to be the best bad film about a computer hacker  – novelist reconnecting with his long lost childhood girlfriend. Oh and something about a mystic rock. Don’t ask. Just watch and be amazed.


After Last Season

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This is the cinematic equivalent of listening to a crazy homeless person talk.. what they are saying verges on the line of making sense but the more your brain attempts to make sense of what they are saying, the more it doesn’t make sense. The plot is pretty muddled, but I think the “film” is about medical students working on a telepathy experiment and use it to try and find a murderer at their school. However the hospital they work at consists of computer print outs taped to the wall of what is clearly someone’s bedroom. The cheesy graphics and middle school play level acting make this a super bad – good movie.


Troll 2

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When you dish out fourteen dollars to go see the latest Transformers of The Caribbean 3D and it sucks, well then the jokes on you. But when you pop in Troll 2 and love it, the jokes on them! Troll 2 was made by an Italian speaking director, directing English speaking local actors in Utah.

Aside from the fact that the creatures in the movie are referred to as goblins, not trolls, the film itself has nothing to do with Troll part one. Unlike After Last Season and Fateful Finding, Troll 2 actually has a plot that you can follow. A family pursued by vegetarian goblins who seek to transform them into plants so that they can eat them. The rise of Troll 2 as a cult classic midnight movie was captured in the 2009 documentary Best Worst Movie.



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Watching a bad movie is like voting for a politician not, because you agree with their policies, but because their ineptitude and verbal shenanigans will provide for tons of LOL’s.  That’s essentially what you get into with this self-proclaimed ode to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Director James Nguyen’s “romantic horror film” follows the story of a young couple who must fight off an epidemic of birds attacking their town. Giant, 8 bit Nintendo looking vultures appear out of nowhere, flap incongruously in front of their victims, only to explode in flames when they hit the ground. Pure WTF ensues as the lovers and other survivors fight in an epic battle of man VS bird; discovering that the birds are attacking people “because of global warming.” I think it’s because of the bad acting.


The Room

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Oh hi. Entertainment Weekly called The Room “The Citizen Kane of bad movies.” This is one you want to see in a theater, at a midnight screening with a crowd that throws spoons at the screen ala Rocky Horror Picture Show fun. Written, directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau as Johnny, a successful banker who lives with his fiancé Lisa. Johnny and Lisa have lots of sex, but this isn’t enough for Lisa who cheats on Johnny with his “friend.” Other than that we find out lots of information about the characters that never goes anywhere, such as Lisa’s mom has breast cancer. Did I mention is this is billed as a black comedy? Oh Lisa, you’re tearing me apart!


If you are a fan of these films let us know what some cinematic bad- good gold is for you.

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