Indonesia Wants To Build A Prison Guarded By Crocodiles

The best way to keep unruly prisoners in their place is to hire nature’s most ferocious aquatic reptiles as guards.

Indonesia’s anti-drug agency wants to make sure that all of their drug convicts are put away at a place where they can never escape. Taking a page out of a James Bond movies, they want to build an island prison surrounded by crocs — not the comfortable ugly shoes, but the actual animals that Paul Hogan hunted in the ’80s.

Budi Waseso, Indonesia’s anti-drug chief, is currently on a country-wide search to assemble the best team of crocodiles to surround the prison. He’ll probably put them through a series of challenges to see who is best fit for the job. It’s just like America’s Next Top Model, but with crocs and less smizing.

According to Indonesian news site, Tempo Waseo said that the animals would be better at preventing prisoners from escaping because they can’t be bribed or convinced — which makes sense. Humans aren’t that great at refusing money for doing questionable things. But if you dangled a turkey leg in front of a crocodile, that might work as a bribe.

The country has some of the harshest anti-drug laws and punishments which includes death by firing squad so this crocodile prison isn’t such a crazy idea. They haven’t started building the prison yet and the grand opening hasn’t been set, but once it does, I will definitely be there.

Source: Washington Post