Eat Like Indiana Jones With This Monkey Head Bowl Replica

Dear Lord, we’re getting old…and hungry!. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has been around for 30 years as of this month, and what better way to celebrate the anniversary of the better part of the Jones franchise than owning your own monkey head bowl from the folks at Firebox

Easily one of the more memorable scenes from the second Indy movie when you thought the gross-out dinner sequence couldn’t get any worse.  Out come the monkey heads, filled to the brim with a jello-like substance revealed to be their brains.  Kate Capshaw, you should’ve seen the look on your face!

Now you get to relive that fine moment for mere pennies.  Actually, this thing is pretty expensive at an asking price of $58.59 for a single monkey bowl.  For that price, I better get a thank you card from George Lucas.  Especially since the site recommends that you neither dishwash or microwave the bowl, so eating out of it seems to be out of the question.  Regardless, this is a pretty great film prop to replicate and an awesome place to at least store some paperclips.

Here’s Firebox’s awesome product description: “Roast chicken and Shepherds pie just won’t cut it any more. Your body is a temple, a temple of doom, and it deserves to be fed something far more exciting. So why not liven up meal times with this Monkey Brains Bowl and scoop chilled cerebral delicacies straight from its hairy gaping cranium. If this fine piece of severed simian storage is good enough for his Supreme Highness, the Maharajah of Pankot (and he knew how to party), then it’s certainly good enough for you. You can fill it with all sorts of exotic delights like crispy Coleoptera beetles, Eye-ball soup and “Snake Surprise” …or something more boring, like cornflakes. It’s an undeniably tasteful dining vessel, though the sight of it may cause more squeamish dinner guests to roll their eyes back and faint melodramatically.”

Awesome, I’ll take two!  Let me just take out a loan first.