An Indiana Brewery Is Screwing Over State Alcohol Laws With This Hilarious Menu

For some dumb reason, state legislators love to cram in all sorts of stupid, meaningless laws that inhibit bars and breweries from efficiently serving alcohol to their customers. These customers, more often than not, include those same legislators, many of whom are alcoholics who can barely function at their job. Maybe by limiting sales, these pathetic drunks hope to avoid becoming the next Ted Kennedy.

Indiana has a particularly cumbersome law on its books that requires breweries to serve food or have enough food on hand for at least 25 people while open for business. Technically, that no longer makes them breweries, but try explaining logic to a politician.

The Bank Street Brewhouse in New Albany, Indiana, didn’t like this new law, so they came up with a great way to get around. Have a look at the scrumptious new items on their menu.

[[contentId: 2757142| | style: width:75%]]

I’ve been drunk enough to pay these prices.

The law doesn’t say anything about having to serve food that people might actually want to buy or even items that are reasonably priced. The food just has to be hot, and there needs to be enough to serve 25 people. It’s a genius idea, when you think about it, especially from people who spend their entire day drinking large glasses of delicious, alcoholic beer. (H/T: Uproxx)

Well played.