Food Catering Co. Caught Serving Dog Meat To Customers

If there's one story that will get Sarah McLachlan riled up, it'll be this story regarding an Indian Restaurant owner caught buying dog meat, with pictures of its containers stored in the restaurant's disgusting freezer. Unfortunately it's pretty clear that he's been obviously feeding customers dog meat for years but was finally caught after being seen making a weird purchase.

37-year-old Royly Da Silva had been under investigation and when food council investigators saw Silva buying bags of what looked like brown meat from an unmarked van, they felt it was time to see what in the holly hell Silva was really serving his clients. Turns out the meat was coming from a pet food supplier with Silva storing the meat/hiding it in a dirty freezer inside an even dirtier looking shack.

The real Hell's Kitchen

Even though the freezer contained congealed blood and dead flies, Silva boasts that he has worked in the food industry for 14 years, serving meals all over the world including hotels and cruise ships. Silva says his freezer full of goodies was intended for a party in London which expected 15,000 guests. Looks like they'll all have to settle for some McDonalds instead.

And that is why you don't take meat from strangers who only answer to themselves.