Indian Rain Songs: Bollywood's Best Secret

wcarter by wcarter on Feb. 07, 2013

Indian Rain Songs may sound like some kind of weather changing art form. To jump to such a conclusion would be making a grave mistake. Bollywood fans around the world have known for years that rain songs are actually some of the most seductive and enchanting moments in any Indian film.

The Indian version of the bikini scene, these rain songs allow for a more seductive dance than any normal dry clothing would ever allow. Music lyrics and movement all converge to create a sultry temptress.

With the male protagonist chasing his perfect woman these songs highlight blossoming love and forbidden emotion. Intended to keep the modesty of the actress these scenes manage to actually be more enticing while physically showing less. Any film buff, Bollywood fan, or warm blooded man will love what is easily one of the sexiest film tropes of all time.