Ancient India Invented Cars, Nukes And Planes, Apparently

Cultural diversity is generally a good thing and it wouldn’t hurt any of us to learn about the customs and traditions of other nations in the world, just to get a better understanding of the human race in total, rather than just the culture in which we live.  That said, it looks like India just went insane.

There’s a lot to be said about India, one of the most populous countries in the world, where some of the poorest people live within a stone’s throw of some of the richest.  There is education for those who can afford it and many remarkable thinkers come from India and, at the same time, there is widespread ignorance and misinformation amongst those who can’t.  Just a few years back mass hysteria saw hundreds of people telling police they were attacked by a metal-fingered monkey man in the night.  Also it looks like the head of India’s most renowned historical organization is basing his entire knowledge of history on old myths and legends as opposed to literally anything based in fact.

Using Hindu stories as source material (you may recall Hinduism as the religion that features an elephant man, a monkey man and a blue-skinned, many-armed fellow), Professor Y Sudershan Rao has decided that India was doing stem cell research and using cosmic weapons about 5000 years ago.  Know how he knows it’s true?  Because fiction was invented until a couple hundred years ago, and these stories are much older.  Sounds legit, don’t it?

Amongst the many, many crazy ideas Rao is espouses is that cars and planes were invented thousands of years ago in India.  The God Ganesh’s head, which looks like an elephant, shows that ancient Indian’s invented plastic surgery.  A warrior born outside his mother’s womb in another tale was clearly a test-tube baby.

So how is it none of us know any of these wonderful things about India’s past?  Well, the histories were all rewritten by colonials and Marxists.  The same colonials and Marxists who presumably took all this brilliant ancient science and boxed it up with their primitive muskets and threw it into the river where everyone forgot about it, except in the stories about monkey gods and whatnot.  Because what else could have happened?  The cars were 5000 years old anyway, they were probably getting terrible gas mileage and had a lot of rust, even in the dry parts of India.  Same with the planes.  And, uh, the cosmic weapons.  Probably.

While this sounds like the stupid rantings of the neighborhood dweeb who insists his dad is tougher than yours and that he once played basketball one on one with LeBron in his driveway and won, the sad part is this is what is being written into school texts books for Indian children to learn.  The next generation of adults are going to have a foundation of knowledge built on total BS, and you know how hard it is to convince people they’re wrong, especially if you’re telling someone they come from a people who aren’t as awesome as they say they are.  So that’s going to lead to ignorant, angry people defending their dumb beliefs in an ignorant and angry way, all out of a fear of looking inferior or stupid, which is what probably inspired this crap to begin with.