Incest? There’s An App For That!

These guys are sick of cousin-humping.

Have you heard of Iceland?  It’s famous for Vikings and Bjork.  It’s also infamous for having a population of 320,000 people, all of whom are related.  Seems that everyone in Iceland can trace their roots back to the same Viking grog house which on the one hand is cool but on the other, grosser hand makes dating a real issue.  If everyone is related, how exactly do you hook up with anyone in a way that isn’t traumatic?

Turns out incest isn’t a huge concern amongst the Icelandic people so long as it’s not super incest, or mega incest, or whatever you might like to call it when you really, really sleep with a relative.  When you hook up with a distant relative, odds are they’re far enough removed that you can happily shower together without feeling shame.  To facilitate this beautiful union, Icelandic people can now take advantage of the database of all the people in Iceland in an easy to use app form!

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All Icelandic people are related to Bjork.  Terrifying.

Simply hook up with your potential long-lost mother at the bar and then just bump your smart phones together and the app will determine how closely related you are.  From there it’s a decision between two consenting adults about what constitutes “too close” or “too sober.”  What an age we live in!

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