The Most Vulgar, Filthiest And Inappropriate Christmas Ornaments Ever Made

It’s not always easy to be nice come Christmas time, but for some that’s not really the point. They like the naughty – not necessarily bad but just pushing the boundaries of good taste kinda naughty.


For instance, a nightclub in England is decorating a sani-tree with tampons to celebrate the Christmas “Period.” There’s a whole political story behind it, but suffice it to say, we are just kind of fixated on the weird “Period” part.


Want to send a message sure to offend most feminists? Umm….you probably shouldn’t, but you have this as an option.


Some elves get on shelves – this one seems to have taken up residence in Santa’s butt.


This one is bound to generate plenty of questions from youngsters. No, son, those are not earthworms landing on the moon.


As has often been stated, nothing says Christmas like boobs. Or Judge Doom’s eyeballs? Nah, definitely boobs.


Who says Mr. and Mrs. Claus aren’t allowed to get naughty sometimes?  You two have been caught!

claus  couple

Forget the surprised look, this ornament wants to show you the full act in all of its shining glory.


Frosty would likely be rolling over in his snow-covered grave if he saw this one.


Is it better to give than to receive at Christmas time?


Gingerbread zombies are always a nice touch – especially if you like gingerbread, zombies and weird ornaments.


Speaking of zombies, they’d appreciate this mistle-toe.


This one is inappropriate on so many levels.


Lastly, how can it really feel like Christmas without a reindeer crapping all over the place?


Wow. Who needs a bar of soap?!

Source: Mirror