Imogen Poots; One Hot Toots

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Before you see Imogen Poots nude there are some basic facts about her you should know.  This English beauty’s full name is Imogen Gay Poots and is known best to audiences as Tammy in 28 Weeks Later, the 2007 post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film and as co-starring with Aaron Paul in Need for Speed, the action thriller based on the series of video games by Electronic Arts. Imogen’s father is TV producer and her mother is a journalist and she was educated in private London schools. She originally intended to become a vet but her interest in acting sparked when she attended Young Blood Theatre Company improv workshops. A smart girl with good grades, in 2008, Imogen got accepted at the Courtauld Institute of Art, a prestigious art history school but she deferred going to the institute to pursue acting.


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Imogen’s first on screen role was in an episode of the British TV drama, Casualty, the longest-running medical television series in the world. She also appeared in V for Vendetta but didn’t speak. She was 17 when she got the lead in 28 Weeks Later. Since then, she’s worked steadily in TV and feature films like the remake of Fright Night (2011). In 2014, she starred in Nee, another film based on a video game series and appeared in the Jennifer Aniston film, She’s Funny That Way. In 2013, Imogen played the daughter of Paul Raymond, a sort of English version of Hugh Hefner in the film, The Look of Love. She also co-starred in the Jimi Hendrix biopic “Jimi: All Is by My Side” (2014) playing Linda Keith, the woman who discovered Hendrix in New York’s Cheetah club.

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Imogen has been recognized for her work by being nominated for a British Independent Film Award in 2007 for 28 Weeks Later and she won Best Supporting Actress for The Look of Love in 2013. A versatile young star, Imogen exercised her comedic chops in 2014’s bawdy comedy, That Awkward Moment, co-starring with Zac Efron. Need for Speed introduced her to a wider American audiences and displaying that British wit, when asked what made her want to do this car-chase thriller, she said, “I definitely wouldn’t say I did Need for Speed because I have a hard-on for Mustangs,” she says. “I thought a Mustang was a horse the first time I read the script.”



Imogen is a young actress so while she hasn’t done full nudity yet, give her time since she has a penchant for artsy, independent films which many times require their actresses to do a good amount of nudity. A veteran of both independent and studio movies, Imogen knows the different demands of both saying, “You’ve got these big studio films and these tiny independent films now,” she says. “It’s very much either/or.” But perhaps alluding to what she is willing to do for an indie movie so that it gets an audience, she acknowledges the uphill battle they fight commenting, “With the independent films it’s always a beautiful risk – it might never be seen.” So hopefully, Imogen will take one for the team and someday do nudity for the sake of art. However, you can see Imogen’s attractive backside in the 2014 movie, A Long Way Down. She wears a hospital gown in one scene and when she turns around, the back is open, exposing her butt. Imogen has looked sexy in several of her movies appearing in just her underwear in Fright Night and Filth (2013).



Imogen has modeled for several ad campaigns looking quite splendid. In 2011, Imogen appeared in a Chloe perfume campaign and in 2012, she stared in ad campaign between retailer, H&M and fashion label Marni. If you want to see a busty Imogen, check out Fright Night in which she had to sport a push-up bra to make her breasts look bigger. Not naturally large chested, Imogen said in an interview that there was concerned on the movie set about how to sexualize her for the role since we all know it’s necessary for the female characters to be sexy in horror movies. Imogen said the first bra she tried on was so big and uncomfortable that she started crying so the director said it was ok to take it a size down.  Her British wit always shining through, when asked if big boobs necessary for horror movies, Imogen replied, “They probably should be, but I was glad, at the end of every day, to be able to remove them.”

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