An Actual Oscar Winner Is Trolling Leo DiCaprio On The Internet With Their Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio not winning the Oscar was pretty much the single reason why memes were created. Every year a slough of award shows come around and every year DiCaprio wins practically none of them, especially the ever-so admired Academy Award. And people are quick to make a joke out of Leo’s multiple non-wins, but now a certain unindentified actual Oscar winner is getting in on the joke by posting pictures of Leo from the internet posed with their very real Oscar.

Some of you might remember this great meme depicting Leonardo DiCaprio pining after the Academy Award, a still from Wolf of Wall Street obviously photoshopped to comedic perfection.

Well some Oscar winner (who apparently loves Imgur as much as the rest of us) saw the image, and decided to make it a bit more realistic.

The Oscar winner / imgur user under the handle iHasAnOscar saw how much their post had taken off, with imgur users demanding to know who the Oscar winner was. I have to admit, I’m curious myself but agree with a lot of the commentors in that it’s probably a winner from one of the more random categories like Best Short Film, or as one of the commentors suggest “documentaries/sciency shit”. Personally I hope it’s Meryl Streep just f*cking around, but no one paid much attention a week or so later after the Oscar winner made their initial joke 2 months ago. That is until two days ago when they posted yet another Leo photo.

IHasAnOscar decided to troll Leo DiCaprio once again with a new image, which is actually more hilarious than the first.

With the caption “Watching Revolutionary Road. I had to pause to go to the bathroom when suddenly…”, it seems this real Oscar winner has struck gold once again only this time in the form of an ongoing meme. Most of us just photoshop in a photo of Leo with an Oscar (hell, just google Leo Oscar and you’ll get the idea) but this person can use the real thing. Seems way more hilariously effective that way.

Maybe one day we’ll find out who this winner is, but in the meantime, please keep the jokes coming, “Meryl”. *wink wink