Illinois Car Museum Will Give Away A DeLorean If The Cubs Do This One Thing

The movie Back to the Future Part II made a lot of predictions about 2015 that kind of came true. We may not have holographic movies that literally feature sharks trying to eat the audience but we do have the ability to turn dead musicians into realistic holograms that can perform on a stage. We don’t have communications technology like the screen phone in the older Marty McFly’s house but we do have Skype that works if you don’t mind everyone you chat with having some kind of audible stutter. There’s still time for one prediction to become a stone cold lock and it involves those lovable losers known as the Chicago Cubs.

The Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois has come up with a special deal that they are hoping will motivate the Cubs to a World Series win and turn “BTTF II” into a prophetic film. They promised they will give a fan a DeLorean if the Cubs win the 2015 World Series.

The contest is a direct reference to Back to the Future Part II. Following Marty’s hoverboard battle with Griff’s gang, he sees a billboard announcing the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win.

Fun Fact: The old guy is actor Charles Fleischer, who also voiced Roger Rabbit.

The museum announced that if the Cubs become world champions this year, one of their lucky fans will win a replica of the DeLorean time machine from the movie worth $85,000. Museum director Brian Grams promised that the car will be “fully functional” and if you’ve ever driven one of those hefty clinkers, you know that “fully functional” is a tall promise to make.

Still, it would actually be nice if the BTTF II prophecy came true and if the long suffering Chicago Cubs finally took home a World Series win. It’s not going to happen unless the hand of God becomes Chicago’s relief pitcher or something but it would still be nice if it did.

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Source: NY Daily News