Can You Guess Which Celebrity Just Said “I Have An Award Winning Vagina”?

We do love a good guessing game, so we couldn’t help ourselves when this quote came across our table because, well, who the shit says something like this. Iggy Azalea, that’s who.

Azalea was accepting a Woman of the Year award by Austrailia’s wing of GQ magazine when she thought she’d let people know she’s more talented in more ways than one. We’re really stretching on the word talent here.

Source: GQ

When accepting her award, Azalea took note that a lot of the recipients (including Jon Hamm and Chris Hemsworth) had silly speeches, not taking the evening too seriously. Afterall, it’s not like it was televised because who cares about the GQ awards. However, when it was time for Azalea to accept her award, she decided to go for the gold and thank GQ for giving her the ultimate vagina bragging rights. Not sure where she made that connection or how, but hey, we can’t exactly tell her she’s wrong?

This might be the dumbest thing we’ve ever covered BUT in our defense, when someone says they have an award winning vagina, you really should be the first to know. Also it gives us a reason to post this gif of Azalea trying to twerk again.

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