Ken Ham Wants Us To Stop Looking For Aliens Since They Are Going To Hell

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Jul. 22, 2014

If all dogs go to Heaven, do all aliens go to Hell?

It’s a question that has inspired mankind of generations; are we alone in the universe?  Creationist Ken Ham says that aliens don’t exist, but if they do exist they are going to Hell anyway, so we should really just stop wasting time and money looking for them.

NASA recently made headlines when officials there said they are confident that we are on the way to discovering alien life within the next twenty years. Advances in telescope technology and the detection of hundreds of exoplanets outside of our solar system have led many in the scientific community to assert that the confirmation of the existence of alien life in the near future is a foregone conclusion. After all, the universe is so vastly, mind-bogglingly huge surely something else has to be out there, right? We just need the tools and the time to find it. It’s just like getting laid in high school.   

Ken Ham says he doesn’t believe in space aliens. Ironically after looking at him most people are convinced they exist. #Slam

Ken Ham, founder of the Creationist Museum in Kentucky also made headlines earlier this year when he debated Bill Nye The Science Guy on evolution. The whole thing was very productive and both sides gained a mutual understanding and appreciation for each other’s point of view. Just kidding. It was like watching a live action representation of the worst part of the comments section of the Internet; see below.

Partly in response to NASA’s comments on the discovery of alien life Ken Ham wanted to throw some cold water on any ideas that we would meet aliens anytime soon. He says we are all alone in the universe.  Ham says;

"Earth was specially created, and the entire hunt for extraterrestrials is really driven by man’s rebellion against God in a desperate attempt to supposedly prove evolution!" and “Jesus did not become the “GodKlingon” or the “GodMartian”!

He probably deserves to go to Hell.

He goes on to say that even if scientists do discover alien life, it is going to Hell, as it is not a descendant of the Biblical Adam and thus can’t be saved. As you can imagine this got folks all fired up and ready to rumble with their keyboards. Maybe Ken Ham is just trolling the rest of us, sort of like Ann Coulter telling everyone that soccer is a sign of the nation’s moral decay; now idiots like me are going to write articles about him and he “wins” in a weird way. Or maybe he knows about a future war with the aliens and just really hates them and he means it more like “you damn aliens, go to Hell!” Either way I know you guys love polls. So we are going to settle this once and for all in a Break Readers Poll in the comments.

What do you think; if aliens exist will they go to Hell? Or should everyone just keep thier opinions to themselves?

I always wanted to know if there could be a ghost for a cyborg-alien.

Eternal Hellfire is almost too good for this alien scum.

OK, Nazi aliens definitely go to Hell.

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Slappynipples User

I have thought about something since I first seen  UFO videos and that is... Say aliens do exist. I wondered if God created them. If so I thought maybe he did it as a test. Maybe there are thousands of different types of apex predators (zetas, humans, etc.) and maybe some of us had the same beginnings with different versions of Adam and Eve. Maybe some of them did and succeeded by not eating from the Tree of Life. Maybe some other species failed God's command by eating from it and are now in the life we know.  Maybe some of them were created by Satan rather than God otherwise they would be genuinely artificial. If some were created by Satan, the only reason why i believe God would allow him to gain such power is to test us, perhaps to see who believes in aliens and who does not.

I could be completely wrong, but it's the only explanation I can comprehend. Or perhaps the UFO sightings are the aliens that succeeded God's tests and He granted them the knowledge and resources to create such sophisticated crafts. The possibilities are endless. These are just some of the questions I had in mind ever since I seen UFO videos. God transcends all comprehension so we may never know the answers to some of our questions. Then again maybe we will instantly gain the knowledge and answers upon arrival in Heaven for those of us whose names are in the book of life of course.

LooseTrigger User

I don't know, but is it not blasphemous if you say God has not the power to create other life forms than ours.

Malevo User

Earth was specially created, and the entire hunt for extraterrestrials is really driven by man’s rebellion against God in a desperate attempt to supposedly prove evolution

Lol, evolution has already been proven but I guess being an ignorant ass he shuts those sort of details out.

COHockey User

Science hasn't disproved the existence of God. It has just proven we know very little about the universe. Did you know black holes..... which are, compared to the host galaxy, the size of a grape compared to the size of the Earth, but control the size of the galaxy? The grape controls the Earth basically. Kind of seems like an arena of sorts, and ultimately, we will end up inside of this black hole at the end of all things. 

Bwaaahahahahaaa you infidels. I will be in the clouds playing a harp while you hold the poop bucket for the three headed beast.

Bobaslaw User

Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

mustangman6799 User

I think we should all pray and ask god.  I'm sure he'd be willing to send Jesus back down to tell us what's going on.  

Nope.  Religion is not incredibly insane, is it.

fizbanic User

"Ken Ham says that aliens don’t exist, but if they do exist they are going to hell anyway" way to cover all bases there Ken....doesn't stop us from seeing what a moron you are.