Idiot Standing On Sign Shuts Down LA Freeway To Vape And Freestyle Rap For His ‘Music’ Video

Throwing the world music into quotes is the best I can do for it, as I’ve never been faced with something so atrocious, so mind-numbingly dumb, that I’m at a loss for words. But I’m getting ahead of myself – first, let me introduce you to Dephree:

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Guy is an aspiring rapper…I think. If you look through his Instagram he might also be an aspiring comedian, an avid creator of shitty YouTube videos, or just a dad bod enthusiast. But for the purposes of the stunt he pulled above the LA freeway, the dude is now a rapper.

According to the LA Times, Dephree stood over the southbound lanes of the 110 Freeway as he unfurled political signs, vaped, danced, and screamed into a bullhorn. You’d think LA would have grown accustomed to ignoring over-privileged attention whores, but apparently this one was loud enough to bring traffic to a standstill for two hours.

Eventually Dephree did a backflip off the freeway sign into a massive cushion inflated by firefighters, which is a bummer. At the start of that sentence I thought I might get to end it somewhere fun, like “Dephree did a backflip off the freeway sign into solid concrete, immediately crushing his skull and leaving him a vegetable for the foreseeable future,” yet here we are – alive and vaping.

Twitter user Benjamin Oreskes was able to catch a good chunk of Dephree’s shenanigans, which are either the best excuse for being late to work or just another reason to get the fuck out of LA:

Luckily for all of our collective sanities, Dephree (aka 29-year-old Alexander Dunn, which is significantly more boring and harder to type out) was arrested on suspicion of delaying a police officer, trespassing on state property, and failure to obey a regulatory sign. None of these carry punishments harsh enough for letting THIS GUY:

Told ya.

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Let me say it again — THIS FUCKING GUY:

…clog up traffic for two hours.

It just goes to show what that west coast mindset will do to you: dude ruining your morning commute? Just chill out and watch him for a few hours in your car. If this happened in DC the whole freeway would’ve been burned to the ground and his body thrown in the Anacostia, which is so polluted that every single fish has hep C; stick your head in there and you’ll come out with gills.

[H/T LA Times]