That’s No Cell Phone, That’s A Gun!

There are two kinds of awesome guns in the world – the giant minigun kinds that make you feel like Jesse Ventura in Predator and the stealthy, secret kind that make you feel like James Bond.  This is about that second kind.

Ideal Conceal is a Minnesota-based company that wants to keep you safe, yet fashionably discrete about it.  After all, if you’re at a dinner party and thugs break in to steal your jewels, you can’t just pull out a greasy luger from your tux.  You need a gun like Ideal Conceal’s forthcoming double barrel, .380-calbre handgun that can fold up and be disguised as a simple smart phone.  The bad guys will never see you coming. 

If you’re not actually Ethan Hunt on an Impossible Mission, why do you need a gun disguised as a smartphone?  Who knows.  Maybe you need a weapon but don’t want to scare the crap out of everyone around you by skinning that smoke wagon on the dance floor.

The inspiration for the design came from CEO Kirk Kjellborg’s experience at a restaurant when a child saw his gun and pointed it out loudly to his mother.  The incident drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant to Kjellberg and his piece, which made him wonder if there wasn’t a more subtle way to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights without putting everyone in Denny’s on edge.

The basic idea behind the gun is that it allows you to carry without having to explain yourself, which you really don’t need to do if you’re legal to be carrying.  No one has to explain why they’re driving if they’re doing it legally and responsibly, so why should this be any different.

The gun folds up into a small rectangle and even has a fake camera to complete the look.  It can’t be fired in the folded position.

The gun is just a prototype right now that should be fully developed this summer, and available for purchase in October with a price tag of about $395.

Some critics are concerned about weapons that can be disguised as every day items, although there are already numerous products like that available on the market in terms of knives and stun guns.  Would you shell out a few bucks for a gun that can be carried in secret like this?