Official Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume Marks The End Of The Internet

This is what the trend has finally come to. Granted, the ice bucket challenge is in fact a good way to raise awareness (and donations), and has cultivated $31.5 million so far (compared to last year’s $1.9 million in the same time period of July 29th – August 20th). Not to mention 637,527 of the people donating are new to giving to the ALS foundation. Regardless of the good deed the foundation continues to accomplish, plan on not getting any good deeds on Halloween night if you wear this goofy Ice Bucket Challenge costume.

The model’s expression says more about the costume than ice water, I think.

This might be the dumbest costume fad to come out of 2014. I didn’t think we could get any more ridiculous than last years Miley Cyrus VMA mouse leotard, but I was wrong.

For a mere $40 and a few bucks for shipping, you can look like a guy kinda-sorta doing the ice bucket challenge, complete with “bucket with faux water film”, “white tulle tunic with faux ice cubs,” and a “cube tray.” Because there’s no way you’d already have a cube. Either way, won’t it be fun to carry it around all Halloween night.

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So if you feel like sporting a two-month-old trend while holding a bucket over your head for a few hours straight, this is the Halloween costume for you! And from the looks of it, no percentage of sales from this costume are going to the ALS foundation.

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source: BrandonSale