This Guy’s Photograph Might Have Proved Loch Ness Actually Exists

“Holy crap, they found Loch Ness!” is a sentence we’ve heard time and time again. Only every piece of evidence that has been presented is either some blurry image or looks to have been taken with a camera lense covered in motor oil because each photograph is just worse than the next. Today however, a man claims he has proof that Loch Ness exists and has a crystal clear photograph to back it up.

Proof Loch Ness got a big butt, too!

Now THIS is how we like our monster photos, clean, close-up and taking during the damn day. The fella who captured the image is Ian Bremner, a part-time photographer when he’s not working in a whiskey warehouse, aka the best job ever. He says he was driving around the famous loch which is located in the Scottish Highlands, taking landscape photos as he often does when he spotted three humps in the water. Upon reviewing the photo, he realized he might be the first person in history to have captured a perfect photo of Loch Ness depicting the head of the presumed creature with two silver humps behind it.

Over 1,000 alleged Loch Ness Monster sightings have occurred starting even before the 1900’s, including the most famous photo of Ness which was taken in 1934.

The above black and white photo has since been admitted to be a hoax when the photographer’s grandson came forward and said the figure was nothing more than a hunk of plastic and a toy submarine. But thanks to today’s technology, we’re able to get clear photographs that allow us to quickly decipher whether or not something is fake. In fact, Ian’s photograph would be a great ad for whichever cell phone he used.

So did Ian capture an image of the elusive Loch Ness? Come to think of it, how old is the Loch Ness Monster and shouldn’t it be dead by now?? Of course there’s no certain way to find out until we drain the damn thing and know for sure. I mean, if there is a Loch Ness Monster, isn’t it time we found out and move on?

Do you think this is official proof that the Loch Ness monster exists?!

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