It’s Official: Test Track To Be Built In California For The Hyperloop!

For those of you who are fans of stuff that it mind-blowingly awesome, you may have heard of The Hyperloop; a futuristic transportation system that would move people in pods at the speed of sound.

First proposed by RLTS (Real Life Tony Stark) Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, The Hyperloop is a large pneumatic tube similar to the system used at old drive thru banks; but it could potentially transport people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. If the proposed 400 mile track was completed at a cost of $8 billion dollars, you could eat takeout by the beach in Santa Monica, delivered fresh by a restaurant located in SanFran’s iconic China Town.

Musk wrote a proposal for the system back in 2013 and said that since he was already busy running both a privately owned spaceship company and an electric car company, anyone who wants to can take his Hyperloop idea and run with it. That’s when a group of former NASA and SpaceX engineers got together to form Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in order to make Musk’s dream a reality. Now the group has purchased land in California in order to build a Hyperloop test track.

While the original proposal calls for the Hyperloop to reach 800 miles per hour, the test track won’t have the 100 miles of track needed to attain that speed. So for testing purposes the Hyperloop will only reach 200 miles per hour. Breaking ground in 2016 somewhere along Interstate 5, the Hyperloop test track will cost $100 million dollars and be funded by an initial public offering. –Or maybe billionaire Elon Musk can just cut them a fat check and send it to them in a tube; thwunk!

Wait, so this futuristic Hyperloop has nothing to do with Looper? Oh good..

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Source: Yahoo