Husband Walks Hundreds Of Miles To Find Kidney For Wife

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Jul. 29, 2013

This will get you right in the feels.

Larry Swilling, 78, has been married to his wife, Jimmie Sue, 76, for over 57 years. She was born with one kidney and it is failing, causing her to need a transplant. But getting on the donor's list takes 2 to 3 years and that's for a kidney from a deceased donor. A kidney from a living donor is much better and that's why Larry will do whatever it takes to get one.

A year ago, Larry began walking around his town wearing a sandwich board sign asking for help from total strangers. Since then, he's received tons of calls from as far as Sweden and Egypt, yet there hasn't been a match. Doctors say finding a kidney match is incredibly difficult and even if someone is Jimmy Sue's blood type (O-Positive), it doesn't guarantee it'll work.

When asked what he thinks people think of him, Larry responds, "I don't care what people think."

We salute Larry and you should too. He's a man that cares more about his wife than anything else. "She's my heart," he says. And I think that's something we all strive to have: someone that completes us, makes life worth living. And I know that's cheesy, but I don't care. Larry is a cool dude that deserves all our respect.

And, by chance, your kidney. Jimmie Sue is one of 115,000 waiting to get on the list and if you want to help her or other people looking for kidneys, you can contact the Medical University of South Carolina Transplant Center at 1-800-277-8687.

- Mark (twitter)

treyert User

This is what Republican health plan would have all of you do, after getting the last money out of your pockets. 

GoatHoles User

You can take my poo I don't need it

Hoofster User

It's hard to imagine love like that when all I see today are whores

asshole1000 User

If I was 76 years old and taking a kidney from a donor, I would fell like a massive douche knowing this kidney could be going to a kid who hasn't even had a chance to live yet.

Amy Rohde
Amy Rohde

treid to sign up to leave comment but couldn't do it, so tell the gentleman to watch run from the cure, this stuff helps so many things and is not invasive

Norbi_CZ User

Face it. If you had a sandwich maker for 57 years you would also try to fix it.

Tieris User

Drastically reduce your own life to let a 76 year old have another couple of years... I feel for the old man losing his wife, but you have had a long life together, be thankful. But the end of the road is near for both of you, it's kind of selfish to ask someone to drastically reduce their own life to increase your wifes a couple more.

kyokun240sx User

Wow, my eyes will not stop watering, such love in these two lives, I hope you find that kidney, you deserve each other's love for eternity. 

Scott Trout
Scott Trout

that is a definition love, determination, and class

Gary-Hargis-84 User

I'm (O-Positive) I would help if he needed it. Good hearted man!!!

Silverhart User

Something you won't hardly ever rarely see in people this is what annoys me with people now a days they got no respect no damn anything in consideration etc other than ME ME ME my ego ME ME ME ME and some other typical retarded.. behavior sheesh all i gotta ask is... is it really worth being this self fish and arrogant and all just too get some attention to feed such a useless thing as a ego? I would definitely like ta see how anyone with a pathetic ego go through a life and death Crisis and see how they'll win people they've acted like jerks too and all...

Alison Lindsay
Alison Lindsay

Sad. There are tons of cures for tons of things. The government wont tell because the pharmaceutical companies and share holders would lose. Just like in the US, they'd rape you if you stood on the street telling people that an orange will cure scurvy. Why? Because its natural and a food cannot be patented. True stuff. Just like anything narural. In Canada they were curing breast cancer with linseed oil over chemo. But had to scrap it because the pharmaceutical company was losing money . Read up on it.

Tara Teena
Tara Teena

I would give him mine but I only have one

Mike Dolan
Mike Dolan

Great idea, but he should be spenting the time with his wife while he can.


i would love to be a donor for her i have the same blood type

Mark Bilhuber
Mark Bilhuber

Their number is (864) 314-0212 if you have O positive blood and want to donate

Joanna Suarez
Joanna Suarez

I would hope it helps in time but the reality is not enough donors and such ... I want them to do stem cell research more and more in order to make organs this would cut down on waiting and get a brand new organ into that person's body .. you can catch this stuff soon enough to wait that year or maybe a little less to get the new organ ... sadly it keeps being knocked down

Shannon Krohn
Shannon Krohn

if you want to help her or other people looking for kidneys, you can contact the Medical University of South Carolina Transplant Center at 1-800-277-8687. copied that from the bottom of the article

Scott Henry
Scott Henry

i would have gived anything for my mom to have a day more with her

Dannie-Saffell-795 User

@asshole1000 clearly your screenname describes you perfectly.... Everyone, no matter their age, deserves a chance and do some research on how matching works... 

Zach-Purdy-382 User

From a list, yeah, but these possible donors are created from their begging, so without them there wouldn't be these possible donors. 

twobeer964 User

@Tieris Donating a kidney does not drastically reduce your own life doesn't reduce it at all.  I am speaking from experience.  The surgery is somewhat more difficult for the donor than for the recipient...but that's temporary.  I would do it again without question if it were possible, but I am only left with one after a donation 9 years ago.  And, no, there are no side effects for the donor either.  I have nothing but scars to remind me of the day I gave another human the chance to live a normal life.  Absolutely no regrets!

Maidjel User

@TierisFirst of all, the lifespan of a person will NOT be reduced. If you donate a kidney when he donates one. You most likely won't have any trouble living with one. The National Kidney Foundation says: "In general, most people with a single normal kidney have few or no problems." and: "The decrease in kidney function is usually mild, and life span is normal."

So please think twice before stating something that harsh again. Maybe you won't have the balls to try and save your loved one's life when it comes to it, but this man is a living example of how people should take care of each other.


Did you not just read the story above? Pretty sure he just asked for your help.

Mark-Messinger-385 User

@Silverhart  To "Not hardly ever rarely see a thing" Means "You won't often see a thing that rarely happens. Positively a Double Negative.

ceige User

@Silverhart ego is man's nature, to feel and see that he is separate from all 'others'. however, by looking at nature we see that there are no other levels or degrees, living systems or still nature, that are separate from one another and are built to be interdependent and interconnected. humans on the other hand see themselves as opposite to one another, and don't feel the general body as one whole. this will be our correction, and the human in us isn't actually this body, rather the conscious recognition of our illness, and our evolution to actualize this system called man and bring it to the highest level of awareness above our bodies, living in a mutually dependent and reciprocal way. this is where nature is leading us and it is our destined evolution.

GoatHoles User

@Paul Zujevs PEEEENIIS

KezLex User

@Alison Lindsay Good to see i'm not alone to realize that.

treyert User

@GoatHoles We all believe you are. However, no need to come out to us, your parents finally deserve the truth.