Worst Husband Ever Sues Wife After Seeing Her Without Makeup For The First Tim

Marriage can make anyone go crazy. Having kids can put any sane couple under the definition of legal insanity. I’m not sure what category this groom belongs in since he wasn’t even married for a full 24 hours when he decided to sue his bride because he realized what she looks like without any makeup.

According to Yahoo! News, an unidentified man from Algeria took his new bride to court because of a makeup snafu that he claims represents fraud of the highest legal level. He claimed in his lawsuit that his new wife misrepresented herself and her “natural beauty” with her makeup. The couple had just gotten married and spent their first night together as husband and wife but when they woke up, he said he didn’t recognize the strange person in bed with him. In fact, he “refused to believe the woman was his wife, believing her to be a thief.” Well, we know she stole at least one thing from him: his grip on reality.

He also claimed that she deceived him because “she looked very beautiful and and attractive before marriage” but when she washed off her makeup,” he was frightened.” Geez, did she also wash off the skin and muscle from her face like that guy from Poltergeist? If so, he might have the grounds to win his case and never sleep again.

The world’s douchiest groom is suing his soon-to-be ex-wife on charges of fraud and psychological suffering. If there’s any justice in this world, the judge will not only find in favor of the bride but he’ll also order the groom to undergo castration and place his sperm under house arrest.