Husband Caught On Google Street View Camera After Telling Wife He Quit

The closest thing to us having a real Robocop is the Google street view car. It’s half man because someone’s gotta drive the thing, and have robotic with a camera taking pictures of it’s entire surroundings with a 360 degree view. And sometimes those pictures can catch crimes, accidents and anything else that could prove one party or another guilty. But sometimes it actually can just ruin someone’s day by posting an image on Google maps showing a husband getting caught doing something he told his wife he stopped doing long ago; smoking.

After Donny Riding’s wife was suspicious that her husband wasn’t sticking to a healthier lifestyle after having a recent stroke, she had heard the Google street view car was driving around the neighborhood doing it’s thing. On a hunch, she decided to look up their address a few days later to see if her husband was up to no good during his “trips to the car”. Sure enough, there he was, smoking in the driveway.

Donny Riding. Caught. May your wife never let you live this down.

“When I checked it online I couldn’t believe it – there was no denying it now we’d seen it.”

Mr. Riding couldn’t deny he had continued smoking along with any other unhealthy hobby after his stroke now that the Google street car has really screwed him over. Hospitals have a lot of technology to help prevent/scare people into a healthier lifestyle. But maybe getting caught by Google street view will help this guy live just a few years longer.

As for living with his wife, I’m sure he’s wearing ear plugs as we speak.