Husband Caught Wife Cheating Because Of This One Clue In Her Photo

It’s safe to say that some people shouldn’t get married. One big sign that this is possibly a fact in your marriage is when you’re already thinking that your wife’s business trip is only meant for her and her boss. Really, no one else in the department needed to go on this trip? Really?

But still, there’s no clear evidence that something shady is going on–at least nothing that could hold up in court. That is until the husband in this story noticed a pretty big detail in the sexy pictures his wife was texting him.

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel super sexy after getting off a damn plane filled with people coughing and sneezing all over each other. But hey, this wife was in the mood to send her husband some sexy pics so why the hell not! It didn’t take the husband long though to realize something was up.

Things took a turn for the worse (literally marriage ending material here) when the husband texted “Wait. Are you alone?” The wife responded, making it obvious that his paranoia had been around for some time. Only THIS time, it fucking paid off.

The husband knew that her wife’s boss was named Tom, so it was easy to find out that his wife’s room was under Tom’s name, aka, they only booked one room. That wasn’t the big clue though. It sure as shit helped, but what made the husband know 100% his wife was up to no good was something seen in the last photo his wife sent.

Exhibit A, your honor. The boss’s luggage.

If you believe any excuse your lady may give after noticing that your wife is getting undressed in the same bathroom her boss keeps his luggage, there’s nothing we can do for you.

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