The New ‘Hunger Games’ Poster Totally Says The C-Word

Finally, something new and even dumber to be enraged over. It took, what, just a few hours?

Some anonymous sleuth noticed something was a tad off in the latest marketing ad for Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and people are wondering whether it was purely accidental or a slight joke made by some poor graphic designer who’s sick of photoshopping Jennifer Lawrence’s face.

Not seeing it yet? How about now?

If you’ve found the word “Cunt” hidden on the new Mockingjay poster, you’ve won! Of course it’s kind of ridiculous that this is becoming one of the biggest news stories today but then again, it’s not every day you get to see the word cunt on a movie poster. Actually this might be the first time ever in history. Safe to say IS the first time ever in history.

People are actually thinking that this might not just be some graphical error (which, how could it be, those posters are examined by 100 people over and over again and no one caught it?) but instead, pointing out the fact that Lawrence is a bit of a C-word herself behind the scenes. We’ve all heard the stories. One of which I have heard from someone that worked in the costume dept. on Hunger Games. That’s living in LA for you. Best if I don’t repeat that here and now.

Of course the studio has yet to comment on this whole ridiculous situation but we honestly can’t wait until they do. If there’s going to be any filthy word that accidentally finds its why on a poster, we’re glad it was the mother of all offensive words in the english language.