Humanoid Robot “Pepper” To Go On Sale To Public In Japan

Today in Robot apocalypse news we go to Japan where a SoftBank Corp. will begin selling a humanoid robot named Pepper to the public on Saturday. Pepper the robot is billed as an “emotional robot” programmed to express humanlike body language with its two arms, face and shoulders.

The company hopes that by introducing a robot with more humanlike qualities, the robot will be able to bond with humans and the public will adopt robots in their homes more quickly. This is particularly useful in Japan which has a growing elderly population in need of a companion. Hopefully Pepper fulfills that role and doesn’t just want to eat old people’s medicine. #OldSchoolSNLReference

The robot can not only express emotions but also feel them. Which is exactly what we need; a computer program that can feel frustrated, sad, and ANGRY when it crashes and wants to take out revenge on the humans who created it.

You could have at least given me a dick, bro. Now I am ANGRY.

Pepper can move around on wheels and has a computer tablet on its chest, which users can use to interact with the bot. The robot takes in information from its surroundings through cameras, and touch sensors, and lighting levels; this causes him to behave and emote differently. Pepper can dance, make jokes and react to the emotional state of a person. While all of this is cool, Pepper is not going to be able to physically do chores around the house… but will it be able to get very angry at you if you don’t? Sounds like a terrible roommate.

Learn to love him. Just remember you must learn to love him.

The company says that while there is a need for robots that can perform mundane physical chores, they wanted to build a machine that could establish more of a personal connection with humans. SoftBank Corp founder  Masayoshi Son says;  “We think there is value in a robot that can understand human feelings.”

The better they understand us, the better they can understand our weaknesses? Pepper will come with over 200 APPs and is on sale for $1,600 dollars in Japan. No plans yet to sell the robot in the US, but if the emotional robot gets too moody and wants to spend the summer traveling, maybe we can have some sort of robot foreign exchange program with our Roombas. Check out Pepper in action;

Would you buy a Pepper robot? Or is this just an iPad with arms someone glued on and programed to shrug?

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