Human Traffic Cones Anger Drivers, Stop Traffic

Motorists in the seaside resort town of Newquay, England got a bit riled up this week when a group of human traffic cones did not traffic cone correctly. Traffic came to a standstill in the town as it appeared authorities had set up large traffic cones in a main roadway lined with shops and pubs.

Is this a still from Transformers 5? Friggin’ Traffic Cone Transformers?

However drivers were stunned when the bright orange and white traffic cones got up and walked away on their own.  That’s just crazy; why does the phrase “human traffic cones” seem so disturbingly familiar?”

Friggin’ Stefon!

The men dressed up as traffic cones had a good time of it, going out into the street and laying down. A few of them even started jumping off of cars and causing all sorts of shenanigans. It is believed that the “traffic cones” were part of a bachelor party out for the night celebrating. Hopefully the groom is not getting married to a stop sign.

The Human Traffic Cone could totally be a spin off to The Human Centipede.

As car drivers honked and shouted at the mischievous human traffic cones, bar and shop owners tried to shoo them away.  Sounds like the two legged safety equipment was anything but safe, starting their wild and potentially dangerous night a bit earl; one bartender told reporters:

“I saw these guys blocking the road including lying in the middle of it while the other 15 or so swayed across outside Weatherspoons. I don’t think the guys sat in congested traffic thought it was much fun, neither did the door staff of Spoons who sent them packing, and that was only at 5pm.”

You have not partied until you have partied with traffic cones. These guys were probably out all night getting jack hammered and doing yellow street lines.

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Source: Mirror UK