6 Bizarre Moments From ‘The Human Centipede 3’ Trailer

The Human Centipede franchise seems to have dropped the notion that they can make a decent horror sequel and instead, created a Robert Rodriguez-style schlock fest that I’m not sure is aimed at any specific audience. The first film was a great original horror movie with one of the best villains in recent memory played by Deiter Laser as Dr. Heiter. The second was a play on itself with a lunatic being a fan of the first film, deciding to build his own human centipede. Now, the two villains come together for a new story that seems to not really exist in either universe. Regardless, this is one bizarre closing chapter for the Human Centipede franchise, for better or worse. So let’s check out the strangest moments from The Human Centipede 3 trailer because how can you not.

Despite Dr. Heiter’s death in the first film, he’s back in the third. Sort of? It’s Deiter Laser but playing a character named Big Boss who is the warden of a prison. But at the same time, wants to create a human centipede and is just as crazy. Sooooo same guy.

One quick cameo we noticed was none other than Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister. You might also know him as the President in The Fifth Element. According to cuts in the trailer, it looks like Lister plays a security guard who is overcome by the inmates and forced to join the centipede. I’d hate to be behind this guy after a morning breakfast.

The film also co-stars Eric Roberts. Just to make sure you’re of the understanding that this is not supposed to be a “good” movie.

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Of course you can’t close out The Human Centipede franchise without casting a pornstar. Anyone else notice Bree Olsen in the trailer? She’s the one next to the bad guy from the second Human Centipede who is also playing a different character named Dwight Butler. It confuses me too.

One decent thing to come out of the trailer is our first glimpse at the sewing process that the Centipede participants have to go through. It’s a gruesome shot, one the other films have been able to avoid until now.

And of course, the filmmakers couldn’t resist showing us the final result of the 500 person centipede. I kind of wish they saved this for when (or if) you chose to watch the movie because that’s probably the film’s biggest moment. Might as well show the prison exploding as well or whatever other big moment might happen in the movie.

Of course, you can enjoy the full Human Centipede 3 trailer here, because like it or not, we’re probably going to end up watching this movie. Look for it at the Oscars 2016.

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