Man vs Beast: How Do You Compare to Animals?

If it was just you in the wild against Mother Nature, how do you think you’d fare? Are you smarter than the animals you’re hunting? Faster? Stronger? More dashing in a smoking jacket?  Maybe, but maybe not…


Grizzly Bears have a bite strength of 1160 psi (enough to crush a bowling ball or your soft, delicious skull).


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Humans have a bite strength of about 150 psi, good enough to get through an unripe apple or some pudding.

A 17 ft saltwater crocodile pulls 3700psi.  Scaled up to 20ft, they could potentially have bite strength of 7000psi, which is in the ballpark of a T. Rex.  They could bite you and a friend in half.


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Usain Bolt has the human speed record of 27.79 mph, which is about 7 times faster than a mobility scooter.


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A cheetah set a land speed record in 2012 doing 100 meters at a speed of 61mph.  That’s faster than the scream you’d release before it chased you down and ate you.

The maximum airspeed of a peregrine falcon has been measured at 242 mph.  Usain Bolt wouldn’t stand a chance in The Birds.


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A dung beetle is able to pull 1,141 times its own body weight. The average American man weighs 195 lbs according to the CDC.  To be as strong as a dung beetle you’d have to be able to pull 222, 495 lbs, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 city buses.


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Paul Anderson has a world record for the greatest lift ever, a backlift of 6,270 lbs.  That is the craziest thing ever.

An elephant is able to lift up to 19, 841 lbs or about 102 Americans.  The dung beetle is the only one who achieved its strength record using poop, incidentally.


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Generally speaking, humans are considered the most intelligent species on Earth. Until monkeys invent their own internet, Tequila or language, this is probably going to stay true.

Chimpanzees have demonstrated problem solving skills and the ability to make tools, as well as altruism and empathy.  In lab-controlled memory tests, chimps performed better than humans.


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Killer whales are believed to be cognitively self aware and capable of emotion such as anger.  So when a killer whale at a theme park actively kills a whale trainer, it’s entirely likely that the whale committed the act on purpose and with intent.


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Some humans are classified as prodigious savants and can perform amazing feats of memory such as reciting pi to over 20,000 digits.

Dolphins are able to remember other dolphins after spending over 20 years apart.


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He will remember you. Always.

Clark’s Nutcracker, an awesomely named bird, has one of the most incredible spatial memories in existence and is able to remember where it has hidden upwards of 100,000 seeds across a 15 mile area up to 9 months after hiding them.  You have probably lost your keys more than once in your own house.


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The tallest human in existence was Robert Wadlow who grew to a height of 8’11”.  In terms of weight, the heaviest man ever was John Brower Minnoch who, when he died, was thought to weigh in excess of 1400 lbs.


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Look, it’s the number 10.

Amphicoelias may have been the largest dinosaur ever, coming in at 200 ft in length.  The current record holder on earth is the 98 ft blue whale that can weigh up to 390,000 lbs or 177 metric tons.

The tallest animal is the giraffe at 18 feet.  In heels it would be 18’ 6.”


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The most prolific serial killer of all time is believed to be Luis Garavito, a Colombian monster who, over a 5 year period was proven to have killed at least 138 children, and may have potentially killed up to 400.


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In Burundi, along the Nile river, is a massive crocodile named Gustave.  Gustave is thought to be between 60 and 100 years old, 20 and 25 feet in length and have reportedly killed upwards o 300 humans.  He’s arguably the most deadly single animal on the planet.