Will Ferrell Is Going To Bite Every German He Sees, And Hulk Hogan Will Help

Hulk Hogan and Will Ferrell are both showing their support for the USA men’s soccer team. And by “showing their support,” what I really mean is “threatening Germany.”

The Hulkster posted a video stating that he was “so pumped up about the Men’s USA soccer team.” Apparently, nothing pumps Hogan up more than a 2 – 2 draw against Portugal. He then went on to predict an American victory in today’s game against Deutschland, before menacingly pounding his fists and punching the camera.

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In reality, Hogan’s interest in the World Cup stems from the fact that this image is being used to show support for the American team on social media. Because there’s nothing more American than a picture of Hulk Hogan in front of the flag. And for the record, I have no idea if I’m being sarcastic or not, but I’m leaning toward sincerity. Deep down, I think I truly do love the man.

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And if the greatest WWE superstar of all time wasn’t enough to strike fear into the hearts of Germany, perhaps a menacing threat from Will Ferrell will do the trick.

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Ferrell crashed a party supporting the American team in Recife, Brazil, and got on stage with the dude you’ve probably seen dressed as Teddy Roosevelt at the previous games. He threatened not only to bite as many Germans as necessary to bring about a victory, but he also said he’d be at the game.

“Look for the guy sitting next to Teddy Roosevelt wearing a red, white, and blue bikini top.”

God I hope that happens.

At any rate, the cynic in mean wants to make fun of celebrities for jumping on the American team’s bandwagon. But that’s stupid talk. When you’re dealing with a national team, bandwagoning doesn’t apply.

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So kudos to Hulk Hogan and Will Ferrell for being real Americans.