Confessed Rapist Of At Least 40 Women Will Soon Be Released Without Parole

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jun. 30, 2014

If you're in the Los Angeles County area this summer, you may be getting the Pillowcase Rapist as your new neighbor. Christopher Evans Hubbart who is now 63-years-old confessed to raping over 40 women (25 of which were in Los Angeles) between 1971 and 1982 and is getting released into a Los Angeles County neighborhood on July 7th by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gilbert T. Brown.

Hubbart received his rapist nickname because he would sometimes muffle women's screams with pillowcases.

In April, the Judge approved Hubbart's July release after a landlord agreed to rent him a home in the 20000 block of East Avenue R near Palmdale. The city's population is over 12,000. Good work, Judge Gilbert!  Making a mental note to never go there ever. The unfortunate part is when you live in a desert area and really like to attack women, your options for entertainment are a little limited.  I mean, just look at the house they're putting this guy in.

Hubbart's brand new rape-y home near Palmdale. 

I'm sure just a few Entertainment Weekly's and some cable oughtta keep the guy entertained for a while.

The really horrifying trivia to this is Hubbart was already given a 2nd chance in 1990 but was arrested for rape and burglary two months later and was sent back to prison until 1996. From then he was deemed a sexually violent predator (ya think?!) and placed in a state mental hospital. Recently, doctors concluded he was fit for release, but few options were available. California laws ban sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools and other places where children congregate, eliminating nearly all urban areas in the state. 

CBS San Francisco says, "Hubbart will wear a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week GPS monitor on his ankle and will be accompanied by security people every time he goes out in public for the first six months to a year of his release, Lacey said. He will be transported to therapy sessions twice a week."  As if that's supposed to make neighboring people feel safer.

Here is some great commentary on Hubbart's release:

Even a remote town like Lake Los Angeles has locals and they definitely voiced their opinion on this news to Judge Gilbert.  The judge's decision comes two days after a daylong hearing in Northern California, where Brown heard passionate objections from residents, many of whom drove 350 miles to attend.

Watch local residents react to getting a convicted rapist as a new neighbor HERE.

As if this story couldn't get any worse, one of Hubbart's new neighbors is actually a rape victim herself, but not Hubbart's. 62-year-old Sharon Duvernay was abducted by a neighbor when her and her family lived in New Orleans in 1955. Afterward they relocated to California and unfortunately now for Duvernay, she's having to face the same issues she's been dealing with for years now because of Hubbart's release. 

After searching for some sort of petition I could link to this article so you could voice your opinion, there was really no clear way for me to pinpoint which one would do the most good. Especially since Hubbart's release is going to happen whether we like it or not, so if you feel the need to write in, here's a link to the Ladies of Lake L.A  and the No Christopher Hubbart in the Antelope Valley facebook pages.


source: CBS Local, LA Times

eldystar User

He slipped 41 times jez seriously the system will not be happy till he starts killing his victims?

Valeasaz User

Well, he IS all alone in a remote house, in the middle of nowhere. Not likely anybody would hear HIM scream. Sounds like an opportunity to me......

Soul_Reaper User

Just shoot him and be done with it.

justhefacts UserTop Commenter

Break, you idiots, you don't get released without parole; you're released on parole. 

Needles_Malloy User

At least the state that is stupid enough to release him allows citizens unfettered access to adequate firearms and magazine capacity. Oh wait...

BCR55 User

In Canada there is no public nation sex offender data base and in fact individuals like this can be and are frequently released into general population thus you could be living next door to a serial raspiest and molester and have no idea until it's too late. GPS tracking is flawed and the thought that this guy won't offend is flawed; repeat sex offenders will reoffend 98% of the time statistically. Judges and treating professionals should receive the same treatment any future victims receive if the offenders reoffend. If a Judge were contemplating if he himself was going to be raped, you can bet he'd be more careful and cautious? The only immediate answer is a click and a bang in the dark.

prostock101 User

Forget the ankle monitor.  Just a stun gun with probes in his anus and have it zap him with 50k volts every 30 minutes.  Hard to find a victim when you're convulsing on the floor every half hour.......

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the house next to my exwife is for sale

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everyone deserves a second chance, or at least 41 chances.  

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No one cares about you Sarla; that's why you can stop your compulsively negative behaviour. (Sorry to get personal, but I took a look at your internet history and ouch are you ever screwed up)

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@Sarla Bhahaha, the only ones who care about the US is the US.  The world even likes France much more than the US.

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