You’ve Been Saying Steve Buscemi’s Last Name Wrong This Entire Time

Steve Buscemi is one of the most iconic character actors of all time. He’s been in more cult classics than you could possibly name off the top of your head and has worked with some of the greatest artists of his generation and continues to keep doing excellent work. But it’s not only his portfolio that has become notorious with film buffs. It’s his how you pronounce his last name that has people talking about Buscemi for about five minutes longer than they normally would. “Did you see that picture of Steve Buscemi when he was a New York firefighter?” “I did! Wait is it Buscemi or BUSCEMI? I say Buscemi.”

Well, if you’ve been correcting people saying his last name is pronounced as as Boosheemy, Booskemmy, Booshemmy or pretty much any other way you could think of, you’re not saying it right at all.

It’s pronounced Boo-semmy. Personally I’m too used to saying Boo-Shemmy and not sure if I can ever stop now, but I’ll certainly try.

In 2014, Boo-semmy talked with Scott Rogowsky about how often his last name is mis-pronounced. He says that he stopped correcting people after a while because “it’s not wrong so who am I to say you’re wrong.”

So now you definitely know. And if you already knew well GOOD FOR YOU. As for the rest of us, we’re going to write apology notes for anyone we’ve mis-corrected in the past. Great, now I want to watch The Wedding Singer again.

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