How Witches And Wizards Are Voting (And Cursing) In The 2016 Election

A story broke last month about a ‘witch’ in Brooklyn who had organized a group to curse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  More specifically, she claimed that her coven put a curse on Trump’s trademark hair.

Now, I wouldn’t put too much weight on Yeni Sleidi’s magical power or even her claims to be a traditional Santeria witch. You see, a tiny bit of investigative journalism reveals she’s actually more of a professional far-Left political activist/performance-artist.

Here’s Yeni doing a protest about how some tampon ads were pulled from the NYC subway, by wearing a vagina mask:

Here’s Yeni as the “weed fairy” handing out free marijuana in Seattle:


And ironically, here she is also in Seattle two years later, handing out “Karmic Infractions” to a Cannabis store accusing it of ‘gentrification’ and of “stealing black culture”:

She seems about as consistent on her politics as she is on her spirituality.

So not very serious magick there, folks. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that the wiccans, pagans, occultists and assorted wizardly weirdos like me haven’t been getting all political this year just like everyone else. And yes, some of them have even been getting political with their spell-casting.

The Wiccan and Pagan movements in North America are largely a byproduct of the Hippie era intermingled with the New Age movement and a strong dose of feminism (2nd wave originally, but there’s lots of 3rd wave ‘intersectional’ feminism in there now too). So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s a lot more Wiccans and Pagans who support the Left than the Right.

If anything, for a lot of Wiccans and Pagans, Hillary Clinton isn’t left-wing enough.  Before the Primaries ended, a great deal of Wiccans adored Bernie Sanders, and today quite a lot support the Green Party and Jill Stein (being theoretically nature-worshipers, many pagans are also environmentalists).

Here were some Wiccans For Bernie, back in May and back in Portland (of course), doing a ‘ritual’ for Bernie to win. Guess it didn’t work.


Frankly, I’m not surprised it didn’t work.  In my opinion as an occultist, that sure doesn’t look like a very intense ritual. According to the accompanying article, they wafted some sweetgrass on themselves and on a fake ballot box, and then recited “Be the Bern! Be the Bern!” as though it was a mantra. They don’t even look very into it.  That one guy is still holding his dog by the leash! The person behind him seems to be distracted by a small child and holding a shopping bag. Seriously? I feel bad for Bernie if that’s all the occult firepower he could muster.

There are also pagans and Wiccans who have swallowed the bitter pill of supporting Hillary. Some of them are convinced it’s in the stars.  On the extremely popular pagan website/blog “the Wild Hunt” some astrologers and fortune-tellers are predicting a Hillary victory. I couldn’t comment myself; I haven’t bothered to cast the I Ching on the subject. What will be will be.

There’s also a Facebook Page of “Pagans for Hillary”.
Mind you, there are some conspiracy theorists and meme-warriors out there who think the reason Wiccans like Hillary is because she’s a witch herself:


I’m pretty sure that picture has been shopped, though. Driving a broomstick takes a lot of coordination, and lately Hillary seems to have trouble just walking up steps unaided.

Before you think the whole occult world is on the side of the Left in this election, keep in mind there is also another side, maybe a minority but not an insignificant one, of Pagan, Wiccan or Occult right-wingers.  The woman who organized the failed “ritual for Bernie” stated in her interview that “generally wiccans aren’t really down with Trump”, but the “Pagans for Trump” Facebook Page begs to differ.

Note how “Pagans for Trump” actually has MORE likes than “Pagans for Hillary”, though again that might be because a lot of leftie Pagans like Jill Stein. Fair enough, but aside from the lame Bernie-ceremony and the gimmicky brujeria, is there any more political sorcery going on?

Yes there is. And not only that, but there’s nefarious FOREIGN sorcery going on!  A Scottish group called the World Ad-Hoc Association of Witches just last week claimed they were going to perform a worldwide ritual to make Trump quit the race!

Only problem is, that one didn’t work either. Their plan was basically to get a bunch of people to send discouraging thoughts to Trump during the second debate (which is really more a new-age thing than an actual magick thing). They claimed that it was guaranteed that Trump would either drop out in the middle of the debate or within 24 hours after.  Unsurprisingly, that didn’t happen.


But the pro-Hillary wizards aren’t the only ones engaging in some sorcery to screw up the opposing side. Check out this longwinded guy, who’s claiming that he and other magicians are using magick to harm Hillary’s health:

I promise I’m not one of the people trying to use magick to curse Hillary. I don’t think she needs any help in that respect.

So what about the most hardcore magicians? The Thelemites, magicians who practice the system elaborated by the magician Aleister Crowley, don’t just go around doing happy-thought rituals (or “drop out of the race thought”, as the case may be).  They practice a whole philosophical and esoteric system of spiritual discipline.   This system is based on a concept of radical individualism, embodied by the Law of Thelema: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will”.

So most Thelemites don’t tend to be collectivist-type left-wingers, but most of them do tend to be extremely socially liberal. Part of the Thelemic credo is that every man and woman has a right to live how they will; eat, drink, smoke or otherwise imbibe what they will; think and say what they will; dress how they will; love whomever they will. Thus the majority of Thelemites range in political persuasion from Anarchist to Libertarian (be it libertarian-right or libertarian-left). But there are also some who fall into the Democrat or Republican camps. And yes, there’s even a Thelemites for Trump facebook group.

I wasn’t able to find a “Thelemites for Hillary” Facebook page. One might exist, but if so it’s laying pretty low.

And finally, there’s this idiot:

That specimen is “Augustus Sol Invictus”, who tried running as a Libertarian candidate for Senate. Only before he was ever trying his hand at politics, Invictus was a would-be wizard who I ran into in occult circles a few years ago. He was desperately trying to set up his own cult, claiming at the time that he was a promised messiah that would start World War III.  Politically, his views are a lot closer to fascism than libertarianism (he even advocated for eugenics, though he claims he doesn’t anymore), and there was a lot of controversy when he presented himself in the Libertarian primary about his extreme views, and apparently about the fact that he ritually sacrificed a goat and drank its blood.

Invictus ended up losing the Libertarian primary quite badly. Which means that the party that let this guy speak at their convention…

…thought that Invictus was just too crazy for them.

Anyways, them’s the facts.  Oh, and if anyone from the Trump campaign is reading this, and wants to pay me a generous fee to run magical interference to save The Donald’s hair from black magick, please contact me via my Twitter!