How To Survive A Supernatural Horror Movie

Want to survive a supernatural horror movie? We got 10 tips for you on how to avoid certain death due to demonic possession, the devil, and the afterlife. This film genre deals with those unknown questions of life; and conjures up ghosts, demons, and other depictions of supernatural occurrences.

 But if you look for the signs – you could avoid such unpleasantries as being impaled by a large metal rod like this unfortunate man:

No Pig’s Blood at Prom

It’s never a good idea as a joke to vote the shy, awkward girl to be Prom Queen – and then pour pig’s blood over her head. Most likely this will result in the entire prom engulfed in flames and John Travolta’s car blowing up. 

Don’t Play With the Twins

If you find yourself in an old hotel and a creepy set of twins asking you to come and play with them – but best advice would be not to and ride away as fast as you can on your Big Wheel; quicker than you can say “Heeeere’s Johnny!” 

Avoid the Pea Soup

If a possessed demon-child spits pea soup vomit at you – maybe it’s best to move on; even though its sort of funny to hear: “Your mother sucks cocks in hell.” 

No Tricycling In The House

When creepy operatic music starts playing – maybe it’s not a good time to try hanging that plant by the railing on the second floor. Better yet – create a rule with your devil-child of no tricycling in the house. 

No Nosey Neighbors

Never take pregnancy advice from your Satan-worshipping nosey neighbors – chances are it will result in birthing the anti-Christ. 

Say No to Clowns

Let’s say you live in a house where a lot of fucked up shit is going on. If so, maybe it’s time to ditch that creepy clown you keep in your bedroom – that freaks the fuck out of you on normal circumstances. 

Moroccan Puzzle Boxes Are Never Good

When in Morocco, never buy a strange puzzle box – that will result in hooked chains tearing you a part. Leave it well enough alone and not summon the pin-faced dudes. 

Good Guy, Bad Idea

Even if it weren’t possessed by the soul of a serial killer – Good Guy dolls are pretty freaky to begin with. Maybe it’s the red hair? 

Scary Girl Coming Out of TV

Sure the Ring is a little dated – if the whole plot is centered around a haunted VHS tape – but a lesson to be learned is avoid any girl who crawls out of your TV set. 

Creepy Children

What you should have learned from the Ring is that strange creepy children are never a good thing; especially in haunted house scenarios. Avoid them like the plague and survive!