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For today in Garage Science I am going to show you how to make a flying Boba Fett drone. With Star Wars mania reaching fever pitch I thought it would be fun to see how to create a working replica of everyone’s favorite bounty hunting clone.

Bobba Fett fun fact: his first appearance was in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

If you use this easy to follow step by step guide, you too will soon be helping Boba Fett fly around the galaxy to capture Han Solo.

Step One: Order A Quad Copter Or Drone.

Now I know what you are thinking; Bobba Fett has a jet pack, not a drone. You are right, but there is no way anyone was going to let me fly a jet pack around. Plus that seems way difficult. Don’t worry I have the next best thing: a thirty five dollar quad copter “drone” I ordered off of Amazon. Score.

Step Two: Order A Star Wars Boba Fett Action Figure!

The main ingredient in a Boba Fett drone is Boba Fett, so you are going to want to get one of those. You wouldn’t believe how much they are selling Boba Fett action figures for these days; I saw a few for around $60.  That could buy quite a few rounds at the Mos Eisley Cantina.  That’s why I settled on this “The Power of The Force” figure for a sweet $17. Score.

Step Three: Steal Some Scotch Tape From a Friend

Now we are getting into some technical stuff. To properly construct the Boba Fett drone you are going to need a strong adhesive. Since we don’t have access to The Force, we are going to use the next best thing. Scotch tape. I forgot to get some with my Amazon order, so now I have to steal it. Or if you want to be on the “light side” you can just ask to borrow it.  

Step Four: Take The “Drone” Out Of The Box

This is important, so take note: If you don’t take the drone out of the box it is not going to fly properly. Grab a pair of SCISSORS to cut the box open (steal them if you have to). These scissors will come in handy later, so don’t put them away just yet.

Step Five: Take Boba Fett Out Of His Shipping Box

Now, depending on the weight that your drone is able to carry, you might want to take your Boba Fett Action figure out of the shipping box. Otherwise you are just creating a replica of one of those fancy Amazon Drones that will one day deliver flying packages to your house.

  • Note: If you are reading this is the future and we already have Amazon shipping drones, you can skip steps number One and Four and just steal the Amazon drone when it delivers the Boba Fett action figure to your house. Score.

Step Six: Cut Boba Fett Out Of His Little Plastic Coffin

Now, taking those scissors I mentioned above cut Boba Fett out of that little plastic coffin he comes in and set him free.  If you are like me, cutting plastic with scissors can prove dangerous. Safety first! So try stabbing the plastic with the business end of the scissors.

Set him free!

Step Seven: Tape Boba Fett To The Bottom Of The Drone

OK, kids, you are going to want to get your parents’ permission for this step as we are dealing with construction:

  • Carefully pull the Scotch tape out from the Scotch tape holster and using the scissors (hopefully you didn’t put them away yet), CUT about an inch of tape off the roll.
  • Next, place Boba Fett under the drone and use the tape to affix him there. Pro Tip: be careful of getting the tape stuck together.
  • WRONG!
  • Use one to two pieces of tape to get him good and on there. Don’t be stingy with it, it’s your friends Scotch tape.
  • Bobba Fett fun fact: I once knew a man named Bob Fett. He hated Star Wars.

Step Eight: Pack A Snack

It is always a good idea to fly on a full stomach. You don’t want to get out there and be totally distracted by being hungry. So be sure to pack a travel snack to keep your energy up!  Einstein said E equals MC Squared; which I think means energy equals McNuggets times two. However I don’t have any Mc Nuggets so I got two Peanut Butter snacks. That will do.

To Recap: Here is What You Are Going To Need:

  • Quad Copter “Drone”
  • Star Wars Boba Fett Action Figure
  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissors
  • Snacks

Step Nine: Go To An Open Space And Test Fly Your Boba Fett Drone!

Before you head out, you may want to check wind and weather conditions. If there are strong winds, rain or snow it may be necessary to delay the launch of Boba Fett. If weather conditions are moderate, you should be good to go! Following the flight instructions from your flying device, it is time for lift off; let us see how I did:

[[contentId: 2987069| | size: 75]]

Warning: if your super cheap like me and bought the $35 dollar quad copter and didn’t  pony up for a real drone, your Boba Fett Real Flying Drone might end up biting the dust, literally. He’s no good to me dead!

Try, Try Again:

[[contentId: 2987080| | size: 75]]

Pro Tip: To achieve maximum lift off you might need to give Boba Fett bit of a push. Just throw him up there and bam- he will be flying.  

[[contentId: 2987103| | size: 75]]

So let me know in the comments below how your Boba Fett Flying Drone came out! Did you do better than I did?

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