How Did A 7-Year-Old Write Such A Spiteful Fan Letter?

ButtHurt by ButtHurt on Dec. 18, 2013

Reading children's fan mail to famous sports stars is usually about as compelling as watching Chris Berman pick lint from his bellybutton. But thanks to the sheer spitefulness on display, this letter from a young fan to Bengals punter Kevin Huber is extremely compelling.

Last Sunday night, Huber's jaw was broken on a dirty hit from Steelers linebacker Terence Garvina. Outraged by the lack of sportsmanship, Nicholas Andrew Johnson, the child in question, took the time to write a letter to Huber, and his disdain for Garvina was on full display. This level of anger would be impressive coming from a junior high student, so considering this kid is only seven-years old, I think it’s safe to say he’s a prodigy.



"I hope that Steeler player loses his house and has to live in his car."

Yikes, this kid's got a future in snarky sports blogging.

At any rate, well done, son. And if it's any consolation, Garvin's helmet-to-helmet hits are bound to bring about early onset dementia, so the chances of him living out of his car aren't as bad as you might think.

Dustin Sparks
Dustin Sparks

its football. I hate the steelers but it was an awesome and legit hit. And I am all for that..

Chad Squires
Chad Squires

You know lets just give all the players pillows and we can watch them smack each other with Pillows the entire game - two smacks and you're down. Also lets pay them what the McDonald's employees want to make and charge less for the games because the league has turned into a giant joke.

Cale Sahl
Cale Sahl

Funny that the punter didn't pay attention and got his clock cleaned.

Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez

wow reading these comments makes realize how stupid a lot of people are

Paul O'Connor
Paul O'Connor

7 year olds are in junior high now? That is a very intelligent 7 years old to have skipped SEVERAL grades to get into junior high at 7.

Vassild User

That kid has better handwriting than me... Parents send nasty letter is more like it...

Josh Dodson
Josh Dodson

this kids parents are a part of whats wrong with america.

Josh-Dodson-202 User

i hope that kid grows up to be a punter and gets his jaw & neck broken by a "football hit" and it breaks his boyfriends heart

Chris Barrett
Chris Barrett

Hate bearcats like Bengals gr8 letter lil kid

Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

He could live in a van.  Down by the river.  Thanks Chris Farley.

jbart321 User

All Bungle fans are taught at a young age to whine.  It's normal.

PlunderBeast User

A lot of the time that kind of comment comes from the parents.  Kind of like the 7-year-olds who write make statements about politics and how bad the President is.  Hard to believe they come up with all of that stuff themselves.

Say-Ten User

7 year old to skipped several grades? Why did he do that? Do all 7 year old skip several grades now?

ButtHurt User

"This level of anger would be impressive coming from a junior high student, so considering this kid is only seven-years old, I think it’s safe to say he’s a prodigy." 

Goblinchild User

@Josh-Dodson-202 Just because it was during a football play doesn't make it a "football hit" idiot.  You can't lead with your helmet and "launch" towards them.  Football is a physical sport and hits are part of the game, but only a coward needs to make a hit like that against a defenseless player.

dafuqrly User

@jbart321and all Steeler fans are taught to be arrogant douche bags.