Those Unnecessary “Hoverboards” Are Now Exploding On People

If you’re a parent, then a hoverboard is probably on your Christmas shopping list this holiday season. Take care because apparently, they are just randomly bursting into flames.

These kids today and their toys might be cooler than the stuff we had growing up but I never remember a kid having to spend Christmas Eve in a burn ward because they played with an Etch-a-Sketch. A exploding overboard even caused quite a bit of a panic in a Seattle mall.

Shoppers of The Outlet Collection in Seattle, Washington fled for the exits when the exploding hoverboard filled with the mall with smoke and the sound of fire alarms. It happened near a kiosk that was selling the standing scooters. The weird part is that no one was even riding it. According to one shopper, it just exploded “for no apparent reason.” If anyone makes any jokes about this being a “hot” item this Christmas after hearing one of these stories, you have my permission to punch them.

A fire official who is looking into the cause of the explosion said it apparently just overheated but how exactly does a toy overheat if no one is playing with it? If it overheated from trying to carrying around a kid who is causing America’s childhood obesity numbers to rise, at least that makes sense. It also makes me cry but at least it makes sense.