Houston Man Works As a Professional Panhandler To Avoid Work

Apparently, panhandling is equivalent to having a job in sales and marketing — at least to a man in Houston it is.

Instead of holding down a job, Jesse Wellman has opted to beg for money on the street corners of Houston. He holds up the panhandler’s standard cardboard “Anything Helps” sign and people give him money. He sees nothing wrong with that. In fact, he thinks it’s an actual job. “I would consider it sales and marketing for sure,” he told KHOU 11.  I wonder what kind of benefits come with this “job.”

Wellman has chosen this career path and has even studied up on the trade. He has a trunk load of books about being a salesman and making money in his car/office. He is living out of his car and is panhandling like any other regular homeless person, but is still able-bodied enough to get a regular 9 to 5 job. In fact, he has had jobs before but never kept them because he gets “really bored all the time.” That is also known as “being a working adult.”

Despite that, the 26-year-old has been panhandling for a few months and is “basically relying on other people’s generosity.” He doesn’t think what he is doing is a scam (even though one time he claimed he was a “hopeless dad” for money — which he is not).

Wellman also says that he has actually made more money panhandling than at his last job. Hmm. Maybe he’s on to something here.

Source: KHOU