Give A Bad Review, Get A Fine

The Internet is such a wonderful innovation. It allows to share scads of pornography that we never knew existed, trick people into seeing things they can un-see and post negative reviews about businesses and services. One hotel in Blackpool, England doesn’t like the fact that their customers can do this and they actually charge fees for customers who do. 

Tony and Jan Jenkinson learned this the hard way when they got a bill for their recent stay at the Blackpool for 36 pounds (or $64) for a negative review fee. They posted their travel horror story at Trip Advisor. They claim that the room didn’t have hot water, shoddy furniture and electrical sockets that weren’t working properly. They even described the place as a “filthy, dirty stinking hovel run by Muppets.” Imagine what they would have said if they didn’t hold anything back. 

The hotel found the couple’s review and didn’t take too kindly to their assessment of their stay so when they got their bill, they noticed an extra fee on it. The hotel explained that their policy clearly states that customers will be assessed a fine if they give a bad review of their hotel on any website. They even wrote into a policy that customers have to sign and that the Jenkinsons claim they didn’t see because it was written in the fine print. Now the hotel is being investigated by the UK consumer protection institute to see if the policy violates any laws. The hotel staff should just feel lucky that there isn’t a wing of the British government that prosecutes people for being douchebags because if they did, these people would be Jack the Ripper. 

The worst part is, based on most reviews, this place really is a crappy hotel and the reason they enacted this policy is because they know it and, rather than fixing anything, just want to intimidate people out of spreading the word.  That’s some pretty low brow crap.  But surely no one will ever hear the truth now, will they?